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A little background about this human-powered, all-terrain vehicle:
In the beginning (or, how Bob reinvented ancient machinery)…
Some clever people try to reinvent the wheel. Others, such as Bob, attempt to reinvent two wheels! Dicycles, as they are termed, date back to the 19th century. Their history, however, was never known to Bob until he was 'in over his head' like a hamster.

Source: Roger Street, "Dicycling Down the Decades," Proceedings of the 7th International Cycle History Conference, Sept. 1996 [Thanks to Dave Ullman]

The vehicle on the left is Bob's human-powered, all terrain kinetic sculpture vehicle. It was built for fun. Later, Bob discovered that these vehicles could be raced for the glory!

Initially coined, Killer Tomato, the vehicle never looked like a tomato. To read the saga of this vehicle, begin with The Tomato Years or, return the the home page.

Updated: 11/2/06

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